Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Intractable Democracy: Fifty Years of Community-Based Planning celebrates Pratt’s role in the evolution of community-based planning. It features practitioners, activists, students, academics, and enthusiasts—each approaching the field from a different angle, but all striving toward the same end: realizing a more just and inclusive city. Order your copy by mail at a cost of $20 inclusive of shipping.

Intractable Democracy tells part of our history; we invite you to scan our newsletters (on-line, at http://www.pratt.edu/gcpe/) for more of the story of how we are contemporizing our mission to at once educate and make a difference. We have strengthened our inter-discpilinary pedagogy, fully integrated sustainability, and launched important research and advocacy often in concert with the Pratt Center for Community Development.

Pratt’s planning program is unique in the nation in its ambition and pedagogy. We trust that you will be a continuing participant in our events and efforts. We hope that you will help us to train, motivate and propel the next generation of progressive planners.

Many thanks to those of you who already dug deep to help out—your name is inscribed in Intractable Democracy, the publication of our half-century mark. But it is not too late to augment or provide new, tax-deductable support to the next 50 years of progressive, community-centered planners at Pratt.

• Make your contribution online at http://www.pratt.edu/gcpe.
• OR mail your check to: Lacey Tauber, Pratt Institute, City and Regional Planning Program, 61 St. James Place, Room 206C north, Brooklyn, NY 11238. Make checks payable to Pratt Institute, but be sure to include “GCPE” in the memo line.
• AND for a lasting impact, become a GCPE Partner by signing up for a recurring gift. As a GCPE Partner, you will receive a complimentary copy of Intractable Democracy.